Wednesday, August 31, 2016

2 More Ways to Spice Up Avocado Toast

We all seem to be eating avocado toast as if avocados were on the brink of extinction (yes, extinct fruit). And when did avo-toast become so popular anyway? 

Does it matter?

I am an avocado fiend and when I first smeared avocado onto a piece of bread, I knew I had my new go to meal… or snack… which is the best part about it––it’s perfect for any time of the day. It’s perfectly delicious for breakfast, or a light snack halfway through the day, maybe even lunch. 

I’m in London and haven’t cooked in so long… it’s tortuous! (If someone would like to lend me their kitchen that’d be a kind deed). I’m not going to complain too much because there’s good food just about everywhere. I even found a bubble tea shop yesterday and was unexplainably overjoyed. I mean, I’ve been in Norway all summer… where there is no boba! I’ve also become a regular at a coffee shop here (yes, already). I’ve already punched my way through a punch card and redeemed a free coffee––which happens to be amazing, by the way (and totally worth it). I’ve also run into some crazy people here. Like actually crazy, not me crazy. 

I’ll save that for another time, though. 

The place I’m staying at provides free breakfast, but it just happens to be toast and jam… and sugary cereal (which I don’t touch). I’ve just had a light bulb moment––I’m going to get some avocados to put on my free toast in the morning. 

But anyway…

I’ve seen many variations of avocado toast online, so I decided to do a bit of experimenting myself… and voila! 

I think I put lemon pepper on just about everything I possibly can now. I wouldn’t be able to tell you why; it just gives some interesting kick of flavor that I love! Throw some fresh tomatoes, arugula, and an egg (for protein!), and you’ve got yourself a super easy, super yummy breakfast. I can tell you that I make this one most often. It took me a bit to master the poached egg, and the trick is to swirl the water right before you plop the egg in. I once added my own hollandaise sauce to this recipe and it was delicious. Maybe not as healthy, but it was amazing so I highly suggest treating yourself to it. 

And then there was balsamic… Pasta, pizza, and avocado toast. Balsamic is something that’s grown on me over time, and just a little bit seems to make a big difference in many recipes. Just add some other “Italian” ingredients, and you’re done! 

Avocado Toast with Poached Egg


half an avocado
lemon pepper
salt & pepper
squeeze of lime
1 tbs coriander (chopped)
2 cherry tomatoes (quartered)
1 egg
slice of whole grain bread


Bring a saucer or pot of water to a gentle boil (medium high heat; you don’t want it to be bubbling over). Stir the water until it swirls, then crack the egg into the middle of it (gently!). It only take a minute or two to cook, depending on how well done you want it. Scoop it out with a spoon when done.

Mash avocado with a fork and add dash of lemon pepper, salt, and pepper. Add lime and chopped coriander. Toast the bread in toaster, oven, or I like to drizzle olive oil over one side and toast it on a pan. Spread avocado evenly over toast.

Add tomatoes and arugula to toast, then top it off with the poached egg. You can garnish with more coriander if you like!

Tomato, Basil & Balsamic Avocado Toast


half an avocado
salt & pepper
4 basil leaves (chiffonade)
2 cherry tomatoes (quartered) 
olive oil
balsamic vineger
slice of whole grain toast


Mash avocado with fork and add salt and pepper to taste. Spread over lightly toasted bread drizzled in olive oil. Top with tomatoes and basil, then add a few dashes of balsamic (or drizzle if you want more!).

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